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The Definition of Blog

That's the question. What's the point? Well I'll give you my perspective of what blogging means to me and my opinion of the best way to get users interested.

Blogging, to me, means:

To have a core place for you to remember something in the future since you may not want to forget this particular thing; To store an idea or concept; To share an idea or concept with others or to maintain the idea private.

Blogging to me means writing, communicating and/or evoking emotions.

Blogging means, predicting the future based on current or past events or by some supernatural means.
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>> Link:

Anyways, I've helped design a fantasy news sites. It's still in beta but it is finally launched as an all-in-wonder fantasy news site with plenty of fantasy centric content, stories, fantasy stats, injury reports (yes I know these existed before too) all for the upcoming fantasy football season so you have one place to get your information regardless of where you play (ahem, here). The site has a plethora of fantasy information and as I said, it's still in beta but what would be great would be to get some real world suggestions from real fantasy football or other fantasy sports users.

Feel free to post, or not. I've come to understand that to blog does not always mean to get a response but wanted to note this very important day.

Posted on: May 28, 2008 5:43 pm

REDESIGN!! Auto Racing HEAD TO HEAD Matchups!!!

Check it out! This page lets you put a variety of drivers on the page to get stats based on Season-to-Date or Track Stats!

This page is so Freaking awesome and FAAAsssst! All the data is rendered for the first time on a stats page IN REALTIME! No need to wait, just click and go!

I have to thank Brian De Los Santos for helping me while designing the UI for this page with all the data fixes, explanations and allowing me to do whatever the hell I wanted to make this baby look as sweet as it does. I also have to thank Senta, a programmer here at for making this page faster than lightning.

The latest Auto Racing Head-to-Head page gives fast access to top contenders within the Racing arena per Series Stats, by Tracks and we may add more in the future. Now you can easily add or drop drivers to see how they compare without having to wait for the page to load or wait for some annoying Flash component to do something like some competitors do.

Brian, eventually we should just add some data on that page just to show. I still want day.

Anyways, I just wanted give Racing fans a quick preview so they can note if they see any issues or if there's anything else we can do to better the experience, like adding fireworks, or sounds of cars whizzing by.

But damn this page is fast. I love it. This is like a breath of fresh tire burning.

Posted on: March 7, 2008 12:41 am

Tripp Isenhour faces charges for killing hawk

PGA Tour golfer Tripp Isenhour faces charges after killing a protected hawk with a golf shot.

This is why I hate bullies or people that think they are above it all.
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Posted on: March 4, 2008 4:25 pm

NCAA website redesign

The has redesigned their website.

I have my own opinions regarding their designs but truly feel that you, as a user, should contribute your own precious emotions regarding look, feel, functionality or other items you may find of interest.

Please contribute opinions regarding the

If you don't care then you should mention, "I don't care, I can use any site as long as it has a link" or maybe something like, "I don't see colors. " or simply, "Why isn't the just have a myspace account like me?" These are some suggestions but feel free to contribute rants like, "Duke Rules!"  other things that could mean, "I like their degree of obscular vulgarity." Regardless, thank you for your many, many comments.

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Posted on: February 29, 2008 10:40 am

The best way to get fired?

I've never been fired so I have no clue when it 'may' happen.

Any suggestions on the best way to get fired or stories you 'may' have heard?

I heard about this one where someone runs into his managers desk early in the morning, signs on to their computer (cuz they never logged out), answering their phone and making calls and sending emails. The boss walks in and says, what are you doing? He then answers, "How did you get in? I'll need to call security." At which point his boss forced him to and he was let go. Idiot? Yes. Ballsy? Hells yea.

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how to blog

1. take one stupid idea

2. whip it into a frenzy of words

3. add some jalapeno to your screen for flavor

4. add a link that explains something about your blog like

5. add two dashes of medicority or plagiarism taken from another site

6. add a hint of humor

7. add some music

8. take a shot of tequila

9. dance naked

10. wait for one person to comment. if no one does, move the article to the NFL group

11. start up all over again.


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Amy Smart + Kyle Busch + M&M's = photos? Read on.

Sleep is for pUnks. So what if it's 1:33 in the am, I don't mind it at all usually. Today though, I've decided to blog just to get some thoughts down about what I'll be *attempting* to do in the future, mainly trying to start a photo blog. Many would say, well why don't you just create a photo gallery? But then people wouldn't be able to post message about them, and nonetheless, I wouldn't be choosing the photos that get uploaded. I think the bigger issue for me is trying to figure out what others want to see as far as photos go. I've heard girls, girls, oh and girls, so I figured girls is the right way to go seeing as I don't mind looking at them. But there's got to be more to wanting to see a sports photo than just girls.

I came to this conclusion because people don't sit around waiting for the cheerleaders to propel themselves onto the television. No, instead they watch (again, just guessing here) to feel as if they are in the game, for that moment, for some slip in fate or some ethereal destiny to happen that causes losses and wins. Essentially drama helps, comedy always helps but action, that's the magic that may make us return. That and this mixture of faith, hope, mixed in with joy and sometimes slight drunkeness. So then my quest becomes more incredibly difficult. Search for 1 - 8 photos to post that show that many emotions. No wonder talent scouts get paid big bucks.

Now there are some amazing photographers out there, but they take these photos of athletes and you see these athletes looking straight into the camera with the oh crap, do my "Bluesteel" look while I'm athleticizing. They aren't models, they're athletes that look like deer in headlights and I sometimes wonder if they effed up because of all the photographers. I feel a bit bad for them sometimes besides the fact that athletes get paid 3 millions dollars in many cases. At least they work for their money. I just type. Wait, I'm not getting paid for this at all. Why am I here doing this...fine, back to subject. Photos -then I search and find the photo. The one photo.

So I'm looking for a variety of things, mainly sweet drunken emotion that's kind of funny and feels like I may win something but the fate may turn and cause a deep regretable loss.

My first photo that I found that does all that.

amy smart meets kyle busch
Photo caption:
Actress Amy Smart stands with NASCAR driver Kyle Busch, driver of the #18 M&M's Toyota, at Daytona International Speedway on February 14, 2008 in Daytona Beach, Florida. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images for NASCAR)

First things first. Amy is hot, God bless her for being in Crank. If you haven't seen Crank you're an idiot and you should grow some balls. Just kidding. No really, you're an idiot stop reading go rent it. Hello. It's got cameras on skateboards and did I mention Amy Smart having sex out in public in front of a bus loaded with asian tourists? I didn't? Crap. Dude, this movie has Amy Smart having sex out in get the gist. And it gets better. But enough of that.

Secondly, this photo has M&M's. I love M&M's and that fulfills the sweet drunken emotion needed for the photo.

Thirdly, Amy is like "Dude, I like M&M's" and Kyle's like, mine's got nuts. Then Amy's thinking, "OMG. No he didn't. " And Kyle's thinking, '"Crank." Then Kyle says something like, "Dude, I surf." Amy has yet to say anything, but she thinking, "Well he's dorky but it is Valentine's day and he does drive pretty well even if it IS a Toyota, damn Jap cars -so un-American, but the M&M's, them I love." And snap, the photographer takes the photo as Amy is thinking all this...Ok, let me explain how I know so much about Amy Smart. Women love me. And let me explain how I know so much about Kyle Busch, I'm a dork too.

If you read this far be amazed, go drink three cups of sugar with caffeine because it is only going to get worse moving forward.

And for those of you who doubted me, a double shot for you.


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By Zeus Perez, go google me or something.
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